In the world of packaging, ACG is indisputably a recognized player offering its services to industries across the world. ACG takes pride in being an award-winning manufacturer of a range of high-quality barrier packaging films for the pharmaceutical, medical-device, healthcare, and food packaging sectors.All its equipment is US FDA, European Pharmacopoeia and CFDA regulation compliant. ACG offers exceptional service in packaging. Specialist products include; Aluminium based packaging foils, Aluminium cold form blister foils, Aluminium lidding foils, Child-resistant and senior-friendly blister foils, Tropical blister foils, High Barrier Packaging Films, High barrier laminated films, Ultra-high-barrier PVdC films, Anti-counterfeit and brand-building packaging film, Specialty Packaging Films, packaging films, PVC/PVdC Films


ACG capsules is one of the largest manufacturers of two-piece hard gelatin capsules catering to customers from both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries in more than 100+ countries. ACG has world-class capsule manufacturing facilities in India, Europe, and Brazil & warehousing facilities across the globe helps us ensure reliable deliveries to global markets. ACG’s continued dedication to innovation is evident in the variety of unique, trademarked and patented capsule products, including:

1) Gelatin capsules , 2) HPMC capsules , 3) Next-gen HPMC capsules , 4) Time-delayed release HPMC capsules , 5) Liquid fill capsules , 6) Combination fill capsules , 7) Dry Powder inhalation capsules , 8) Pearl finish capsules , 9) Gelatin capsules for clinical trials , 10) Fish Gelatin capsules.


WiseSorbent® becomes one of the global leaders in the functional packaging solution and innovation with proprietary technology protected by more than 85 patents. Driven by innovation, supported on technology, ensured by quality control, oriented towards customers, WiseSorbent® is committed to providing quality products and sound services for various industries including pharmacy, health care, diagnostic reagents, food, industrial, and household products.