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Business links has continuous expanding its growth in packaging material for last decade. This perfect addition of packaging material will enhance our list of offering in our product line to valued customers of Pharmaceutical and others Industries. Packaging Material, Its self a science of product development for distribution, storage and further use. Packaging materials are different from the traditional packaging materials. The main functions of packaging is to safeguard and preserve the product to end user. 

It provides physical protection and physical factors from forces such as moisture, firmness, heat, dust, oxygen etc. BLI has provide packaging materials supplies of wide range of items of different materials and for different uses. We offers our product portfolio in these packaging materials

·        Aluminum Foil for Blister Packing

·       Cold Forming Desiccant Foil

·        Laminates for Sachet/Pouch

·        PVC/PVDC Films

·        PP Caps

·        Glass Bottles

·        Ampoules

·        Glass Vials for Injectable

·        Glass Tubes

·        Rubber Stoppers for Injectable’ s


Business Links International starts dealing in Pharmaceuticals and Food industry by leading Excipients and API’s (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) from well-known sources for leading MNC’S all over Pakistan. Business Links gradually growing up with new products and development from International Sources. We are extensively deals in API’S categories like Anti-allergic, Analgesics, Antibiotics, Anti-hypertensives, Antiviral, Anti-inflammatory and
Etc. When it comes to Quality standards through trusted sources, Business links gradually containing some market share by providing extraordinary services to our customers.

·         Empty Hard Gelatin Capsule

·         HPMC Capsules